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Diane Vater & Chuck Cooper

Diane Vater & Chuck Cooper and Loyall pet food.

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Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper train all breeds of pointing dogs for field trial competitions. They have finished eight National Field Champions and four National Amatuer Championships. Their home base and boarding kennel is in Pennsylvania, with a summer camp in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and a winter facility in southern New Mexico. Throughout the field trial season, Diane and Chuck travel from coast to coast, competing in local, regional and national events. To learn more, visit their website at www.alphadogcentral.com.

"Loyall Pet Food gives our dogs the stamina and endurance needed to compete at the national level. The proof is in the results. In the three years that we've been feeding Loyall, our dogs have won 6 National Championships! They are easy to condition and have great coats. Thanks Loyall!”

-Diane & Chuck



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